11/9/23-11/11/23 MI CPL (WOMEN ONLY COURSE)


The NRA CCW course is the latest pistol course released by the nation’s leading firearms organization, The National Rifle Association. Obtain your MI CPL from the ONLY NRA CCW Instructor in the Upper Peninsula of MI. Passing is not easy, but can be accomplished by competent beginners and experienced shooters.

Course topics:

  • The safe storage, use, and handling of a pistol including, but not limited to, safe storage, use, and handling to protect child safety. (Mandatory)
  • Ammunition knowledge, and the fundamentals of pistol shooting. (Mandatory)
  • Pistol shooting positions. (Mandatory)
  • Firearms and the law, including civil liability issues and the use of deadly force. (Mandatory)
  • Avoiding criminal attack and controlling a violent confrontation. (Mandatory)
  • All laws that apply to carrying a concealed pistol in this state. (Mandatory)
  • Pistol Nomenclature
  • Selecting a Pistol for Self-Defense
  • Basic Defensive Pistol Skills
  • Drawing from Concealment
  • Emergency Reloading
  • Stoppage Remediation
  • Mindset
  • Carry Modes
  • Pistol Concealment
  • 5 hours or range time with live fire. (Mandatory) Students will need 200+ rounds of ammunition to complete course objectives. Live fire will be conducted from 3 – 15 yards from target, and will all be done drawing from the holster. (MI required minimum: 30 rounds over 3 hours at no specific distance.)
  • Course Length: This course will include about 8-9 hours of classroom time, and 5 hours of range time (exact time depends on completing objectives, MI requires a minimum of 3). The classroom portion will be delivered November 9th-10th from 6-10pm at NMU in Peninsula Room III. The range portion will be completed November 11th at the DNR Public Range, Marquette County, and will start at 9am.

This course meets the MI State CPL Course Requirement. The MI CPL allows you to carry a pistol concealed. Electro-muscular disruption technology, commonly called tasers, are permitted with a MI CPL. It DOES NOT allow you to carry knives concealed.



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